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Consulting - involvement in giving professional advice to another entity

DFman Enterprises is all about helping to optimize small businesses for continued success. We can provide you expertise and advice in a number of areas to help you become more efficient and grow your business. Consulting is generally overlooked by a number of businesses who believe they can continue down their current path to achieve success without spending additional money to discuss with someone else. The lost concept is the evaluation of time versus money. Great business owners understand the value of their time and their top managers time. Hiring a consultant can help you achieve results faster and that is where DFman Enterprises is here to help. Add more value to your team and have a discussion with us today! We're ready to be part of your winning team!

"Our business is to help your business."

Contact us now for a FREE consultation. We love talking business and can help you out in a number of ways.


Sales & Marketing Campaigns

The single most important aspect of every business involves their sales and marketing approach. Every business is in business to generate income. Do you have a laid out plan of action for maintaining or growing your business? The best way to help formulate and record your ideas is through discussion with another entity. DFman Enterprises can work right alongside you to finalize your approach and take care of any technical details you may need solved.

Overhead Reviews

Making revenue in a business can easily be negated without a good understanding about the overhead of your business. Have you mapped out all your recurring expenses to know where your break even point is to start generating profit? DFman Enterprises can provide you an analysis of your overhead and 90% of the time, make a suggestion in an area where you can start saving on your overhead.

Financial Budgeting

The most overlooked portion of a business is planning out a budget for different segments of the business and sticking to it. Do you have a mapped out fiscal budget for your business or do you continually shoot from the hip about how much you are going to spend in different areas? DFman Enterprises can help you analyze your business and make recommendations depending on your situation and what results you are desiring to achieve.

Accounting Services

Every business requires at least some basic accounting, but are you correctly recording the information so you can analyze different parts of your business? DFman Enterprises is well versed in QuickBooks which is the leader as the small business accounting software of choice. We can work with you to make sure your books are being recorded in a manner which ultimately helps you and not just your CPA.

Product Launches

Have a new product ready to come out to the market? Have you formulated a plan of how you are going to notify your targeted consumer base? DFman Enterprises has brought a number of products to the marketplace for both material product and offered services. One of the most critical times in a product's life cycle is the initial release. Even great products can fail if not properly taken to the marketplace. Take the time to discuss your plan with DFman Enterprises to make sure you have all your X's and O's ready to go.

Cost of Goods Analysis

Have you completed a full market research to competitively price your product and then compared this to your costs of good to make sure you can be profitable? Understanding your costs of good to the price point you can deliver in distribution is key to the long term success of your business.

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