Business Logistics

Logistics - the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies.

DFman Enterprises can help you manage, coordinate and optimize ANY project or operation whether it involves a large number of people, a technical project involving computers or the workflow of production within your business. The owner of DFman Enterprises, Dallas Fischer, is an expert for analytical strategy and organization to run a special event, launch a product or help develop your business operations. The failure of most businesses or events is related to inefficient logistics. Take the time to schedule a consultation with DFman Enterprises to see how you can benefit from getting them on YOUR TEAM!!

Contact us now for a FREE consultation. We love talking business and can help you out in a number of ways.


Optimizing Processes

Does your business involve some routine tasks and you wonder how you can finish them quicker? Let us take a look at the process and we'll give you some suggestions on how to optimize it.

Project Management

Need a team leader for a project where you may not have enough experience on staff to fully manage a project from start to finish. We can help you fill the gap with over a decade of experience in running projects and reporting results.

Operations Assessment

How would you rate your operations? Are you curious about an outside perspective about your efficiency and flow of your work? We'll provide you an objective view and point out your strong and weak areas to make improvement.

Production Analysis

Do you have any efficiency metrics in place? Are you producing enough products to match your overhead and wage scale? We can help you conduct time studies and get a true handle on how well your production is producing.

Inventory Organization

Space can be one of the most expensive overhead costs and trust us about every small business wishes they had more. Are your items efficiently located and marked to speed up finding the items and to conduct inventory? We can make you some suggestions and even better yet, we'll help put in the time to move things around.

Shipping Solutions

Do you need to ship products out to other businesses or customers? Have you checked your latest rate from UPS or FedEx? How about shipping by the USPS flat rate options which have completely changed the small business industry? We've shipped small and large items all over the world and may be able to help you negotiate a better rate. Our services could be worth your time to have us check out your shipping solutions.

Training Documentation

A valuable item to all small businesses is how fast you can train up a new employee to understand your processes and become productive. Do you expect to have growth requiring more employees? Do you need to scale up with seasonal employees? How well are your training processes and documentation to help get them started? We'll go through your training and write out a manual. Documentation doesn't scare us. We can also shoot some training videos because visual aids almost always help speed up the process of learning something new.

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